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The Lunar Nodal Return

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

The symbolically interpreted themes of the placement of the Lunar Nodal Axis in our birth chart, dominates our consciousness - as do two other features in our birth chart, our Angles (AC-MC) and the Sun & Moon. The Sun takes a solar year to return to the same position of our birth (birthday). The Moon, a month (28/9 days). The return cycle of the Nodal Axis is 18.5-19 years.

The Lunar Nodes are like energy portals where people and circumstance flow in and out of our lives. These life experiences are major activators and accelerators of our personal development and therefore usually become deeply etched into our consciousness (e.g. marriage, pregnancy, birth of our kids, graduation, divorces, retrenchment, deaths etc.).

If you were born between 24 September 1981 and 15 March 1983 you have the South Node in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer in your birth chart and will experience your Lunar Nodal return (transit) between November 2018 and May 2020 (exact timing dependant on your birth date, time and place).

The birth chart above, illustrates in shaded red the Lunar Nodal axis in the inner wheel (birth chart) and the Lunar Nodal return in the outer wheel (transit chart). The Capricorn-Cancer Lunar Nodal axis is dominated by parenting, development-maturation and time-rhythm themes. For example, you grow up fast, step up to external demands on you e.g. parent your siblings or a parent (possibly emotionally absent or unavailable because of marriage/relationship issues) and go to bed with the light on because you're scared of the dark. Growing up too fast has its downside. In your early family life, there could be a strong parental/authority theme around the ethical use of power and the consequences of abuse of power (natal South Node ruler Saturn conjunct Pluto), which can dominate your early childhood experience and become a repeating theme in your life - possibly emerging again recently, with this Nodal return (transiting south Node ruler Saturn again conjunct Pluto). There is a strong need to slow down, reconnect with who we are and what we need (as opposed to external demands/duties), nurture ourselves, create a healthy support system and go back to those early childhood experiences to heal emotionally in order to empower ourselves.

The exact nature and character of how the Lunar Nodal axis and this return cycle specifically plays out in your life, depends on your birth date, time and place. If you are interested in learning about the Lunar Nodes in your birth chart to get deeper insight into yourself and your life experience, I run a 12 week online course called 12 Steps to Mastery. Read about it on my website.

Richelle Steyn certified as an Evolutionary Astrologer through The Comprehensive Diploma Course (Maurice Fernandez).

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