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The Earth Element, the Capricorn Archetype & the Eclipses

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

With Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, the Sun, Moon and the Lunar South Node (and soon Mercury) all in Capricorn - together with Uranus in Taurus, the Capricorn archetype and Earth element are predominant. On a high level the earth element represents the integration of spirit/soul into matter (body) and Capricorn's evolutionary intention is to align with the truth, with "what works" both personally and socially/collectively. How many of our problems today are a result of a lack of healthy human integration - either living in our minds split off from our emotions and body (like robots), or embodied beings split off from spirit/soul?

The Sagittarius archetype symbolises speculation, theory and ideology while Capricorn represents putting ideas into practice and testing them - does the theory align to the truth, does it "work"? Making something work involves defining boundaries (rules, laws) and building foundations, frameworks and structures to embody this truth - to make the idea/ideology tangible (measureable). There is a need to realign values and behaviour to support this truth. Capricorn is about government of State and Self.

The earth element regulates and constructively channels our creative impulses. It describes maturity of self-control (impersonal, objective, restraint), patience (time) and consistency (routine, discipline). The earth element inspires responsibility, discrimination, inner strength, maturity and endurance as well as having a plan of action and adapting when the unexpected occurs. When something "stands the test of time" it becomes reliable, credible and gains authority.

While the proof of worth for the earth element is in quality, continuity, reliability and durability there is a need for promoting wellbeing and harmonious adaptation to life's evolving complexity, progressive maturation and expanding consciousness. There is a need to be solid and flexible, to adapt and evolve. When the earth element is mismanaged, there is a fear of failure, an excessive attachment to established structures, a lack of maintenance and upgrade as well as a lack of flexibility and adaptation. Something that used to work is now in disrepair or obsolete, eroding well-being personally and/or collectively i.e. not aligned and in harmony with natural/universal law. There is a rigidity, stagnation and a resistance to progress and change.

In 2019, we've seen a dance between Pluto, Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) and the Lunar South Node (in Capricorn). The Lunar South Node symbolises where we are coming from (personally and collectively) and therefore what we know and what we are comfortable with. On the 12th January we see the end of the current 37+ year cycle and the start of a new cycle. Pluto is a transformer - limitation, death, resurrection, evolution, empowerment. What is obsolete, rigid and stagnant in your life? Pluto will destroy the obsolete, bend and break the rigid and disrupt the stagnant.

The Solar Eclipse 26th December 2019 (New Moon in Capricorn)

Four days after the solstice, we have a New Moon solar eclipse in Capricorn. The stellium in this solar eclipse is made up of the Sun, Moon (New Moon) and Jupiter on the Lunar South Node. The New Moon is a start of a new cycle. In his book Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness, Fernandez describes the orientation of the Sun and Moon in Capricorn as "Seeking strength and wisdom, to address emotional needs and maturation processes the perceived right way, in the hope of securing healthy development while focusing on creating something of serious, inspiring and reliable value". There is a seriousness and maturity in this orientation. We are being asked at this time to step up and leave "our adolescence" (our past that keeps recurring) as we move forward.

Where we are coming from collectively (South Node) is symbolised by the Capricorn archetype but it is also the archetype of the opening of the new Pluto-Saturn 30+ year cycle (12 January 2020). It's like we're being asked to leave behind the "old parents" of the psyche (both personally and collectively) and re-parent ourselves and our world. Historically, the Capricorn archetype can symbolise patriarchal values but it is an earth sign, so it also has a quality of a wolf mother raising her cubs - both parenting styles but they differ. The following slide on the Lunar South Node in Capricorn gives some clues (an example) as to where to look (old parents of the psyche) to address emotional needs to secure healthy development moving forward.

Jupiter adds an expansive quality (inspiration, hope, promise) and also symbolises a new ideology (meaning, understanding, belief) that is part of this new cycle and seeding. Jupiter has just completed (end November 2019) 13 month in the sign that it rules (Sagittarius), which in itself is a start of a new 12 year cycle for Jupiter - a new ideology. With the Sun and Jupiter both in a trine to Uranus, there is a strong "ascending" quality (rise above, step up) with possibly a touch of rebellion. This eclipse kick-starts the Jupiter in Capricorn influence which in Capricorn, is much more discerning, measured and hard-core (let's see if this ideology works - if it's the truth). Ethical leadership, role-modelling (walking your talk), mentoring and teaching are strong themes for the next Jupiter cycle (13 months). Set intentions for this supercharged New Moon seeding opportunity.

Full Moon Lunar (Partial) Eclipse in Cancer 10 Jan 2020

Two weeks after the potent seeding opportunity of the New Moon in Capricorn eclipse, this Full Moon in Cancer lunar eclipse occurs just 2 days before the start of the new Pluto-Saturn cycle. Full Moon in Cancer, Sun in Capricorn - "Seeking to establish a reliable support system in order to address and process the array of emotional needs necessary for gradual and healthy development, while focussing on creating something of serious, inspiring and reliable value" (Fernandez, 2009). Interestingly, Mercury is now in Capricorn in a conjunction with the Sun, carrying the fruits of its recent retrograde in Scorpio - freshly excavated "findings" (shedding light on limitation) from the depths and shadows of both the personal and collective, available for consideration in this weighty conjunction with the Sun (creative purpose), Saturn (maturity) and Pluto (empowerment). Jupiter in an exact conjunction with the Lunar South Node, bringing information, knowledge and understanding of the new ideology to conscious awareness.

Pluto-Saturn Conjunction 12 January 2020

Technically the start of the new Pluto-Saturn cycle - practically there is no hard start, no clear boundary, rather a growing awareness with a gradual phasing in and out. The theme of the cycle is the ethical use and distribution of power - our own and others, personally and collectively - in our endeavour to align with what works in life (the truth). Mercury just ahead of Saturn, communicates the need to be impeccable with our word - we will be tested and measured accordingly. Mercury and the Pluto-Saturn stellium in a square with Eris (discord), communicates that not everyone is going to be comfortable with the change in the status quo. Prepare for kick-back, conflict and war.

On a deeper level there is a longer closing cycle which is happening in tandem with and relevant to the Pluto-Saturn cycle and makes this upcoming wave of change a little bigger. It is happening on the Planetary Nodes level. Saturn's planetary South Node is 22 degrees Capricorn and Pluto's 20 degrees Capricorn. The Pluto-Saturn opening conjunction (stellium) happening on the Pluto-Saturn Planetary South Node conjunction. This is a major activation. Interestingly, Jupiter's planetary South Node is 10 degrees Capricorn and so also in play, activated by Jupiter and the Lunar South Node. All roads lead to the Cancer archetype (Cancer North Node) (read December 2019 and the Felt Sense of End of Times for more on the Cancer North Node).

The exact nature and character of how these cycles play out in your life, depends on your birth date, time and place. If you are interested in learning about Evolutionary Astrology, the Lunar Nodes and planets aspecting the Nodes in your birth chart to get deeper insight into your self and guidance on how to navigate your life, I run a 12 week online course called 12 Steps to Mastery. Read about it on my website.


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Richelle Steyn certified as an Evolutionary Astrologer through The Comprehensive Diploma Course (Maurice Fernandez).

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