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New Moon in Gemini 22nd May 2020 - Acknowledging limitation, validating truth, being realistic

Updated: May 23, 2020

The New Moon on Friday 22nd May (SAST) happens against the backdrop of the constellation of Gemini (geocentric tropical zodiac). The New Moon is a seeding opportunity to initiate a new cycle in our lives. The New Moon in Gemini communicates an opportunity to connect, interrelate and integrate into the mix of cultural diversity to better understand self, life and our emotional reality - and in so doing be creatively inspired and motivated.

This is the first New Moon since the Lunar Nodal axis changed signs and moved into Gemini (North Node) and Sagittarius (South Node). This is a big shift in consciousness. The high level themes of the new Lunar Nodal cycle for the next 18 months are around knowledge, truth, adaptation, culture and communication.

We are coming from a place (South Node in Sagittarius) characterised by expansive optimism, abstract speculation and philosophising, unrestrained freedom and permission to chase our "potential" to realise a greater meaning in life. Over the next 18 months (North Node in Gemini) we will become more oriented towards objectivity, acknowledging boundaries and limitations, being realistic and validating truth. What does the future hold for us realistically? How do we overcome our current challenges? What do we need to learn?

The themes of health, work and self-worth (internal and external resources) dominate. How can we use our existing resources efficiently and effectively to be more healthy and productive? Our health and productivity makes us feel more in control of our lives. Learning, bridging, connecting and networking are key. Telecommunications media (virtual) makes the globe a village - all part of our local hood.

Our current illusions, delusions, false beliefs and wishful thinking serve us by making us feel safe. In this New Moon cycle, many of these will be dissolved, or ripped out from underneath us. The bread crumbs of our information trails may end in the middle of the forest on the darkest night. Red-herrings abound. Discern what is beyond our control and what is not. Accept the things you cannot change.

The Gemini archetype is about being more street-smart to the fact that "truth" is cheap. Mass (herd) lies and disinformation (propaganda) serve an agenda of manipulation, enrichment and power. Are our feelings more important than the truth? Can we be more curious and peel another layer to get to a deeper truth - is there one?

The New Moon and North Node in Gemini are steering us away from wild, "shoot from the hip" conspiracy theory towards credible, peer-reviewed science and journalism. Guiding us away from being culturally divided by fear, towards integrating into cultural diversity and finding creative inspiration and purpose. Encouraging a more measured, appropriate response that acknowledges and respects boundaries. The antidote to Covid 19 chaos and uncertainty is patience for process, cultural sensitivity and humility.

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Fernandez, Maurice. Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness. Florida: Evolutionary Astrology, Inc., 2009.

Richelle Steyn certified as an Evolutionary Astrologer through The Comprehensive Diploma Course (Maurice Fernandez).

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