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20200423 New Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus

Figure 1 - Zodiac for New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon is a ceremonial start of a new cycle - not only for the next month but for life. Looking at the zodiac - the transit chart/map - for the New Moon (Figure 1 above), technically exact 4.26 am Thursday 23rd April SAST (South African Standard Time), we notice that the right side of the zodiac symbolising personal productivity and relationship/exchange (creating life circumstances) is empty with the exception of the North Lunar Node in Cancer 4th (home) on the critical 00 degree. The left side symbolising collective (fate/larger dynamics) alignment (facing life circumstances) is packed. This symbolism communicates that we have less control of our life and need to personally attune and align to the larger collective dynamics unfolding. To do this we need to rely on our inner strength, authenticity and ability to improvise.

What is required from us is to dig deep and excavate our inner resources, inner wealth, talents, skills, mastery and gifts - and embody our inner strength and self-worth. To improvise, we need to trust that we have what it takes to move forward into uncertainty - the future. Uranus (with this New Moon) provides perspective and future focus on our purpose and emotional reality - but it wants us to upgrade, to evolve and revolutionise life ("newness").

There's a lot of tension here - with the Taurus archetype's tendency to be highly aware of the physical (things, body) and material dimensions of life and needing material security and abundance as well as stability and consistency. But it's time. Like 9 months into pregnancy, time. We're being challenged, pressured. We are needed. We have a role to play - a karmic duty. The transiting North Lunar Node has been in Cancer now for 18 months - the cosmic engine 'urging' us to slow down, to get back into the rhythm, pulse and flow of existence (earth/universe), to alchemically digest and assimilation life experience into identity, consciousness - to know who we really are beyond the surface of things.

This time is also bringing up evolutionary themes and issues around our parents, being parents and our children. Slowing down, seeing things. No matter what the truth and our realisations are, we need to learn from them, digest and assimilate them, embody these learnings and realisations and move forward.

It is important to ground ourselves with insight into the bigger cycles at play - the larger context. When making choices and decisions, we don't only look at what happened yesterday, last week, last month but also where we are and have been in our 10-20-30 year cycles?

Figure 2: Bigger Context - Outer Planet Cycles

While traditional power structures and systems are imploding in the collective, so too are personal power systems that may have served us in the past, but not any more. Our experience of disempowerment is not arbritrary - it serves to expand our consciousness and awareness. How can we shift our sense of being empowered through grounding into our own inner resources, authenticity, gifts and self-worth?

We're being called to serve a higher cause in life - something greater than our own personal security and comfort. A higher cause of life focuses on the collective, humanity and earth - for example, not only our own children, but all children.

With the ruler of the New Moon (in Taurus) Venus already in the retrograde shadow since the 9th April (05 20' Gemini) and in a conjunction with Hygiea, the focus is on health and healing not just ourselves. Venus rules relationship/exchange and finances/worth. The best way to honour the New Moon ceremonially is to be generous and give - money, time, gratitude, words of appreciation, forgiveness, respect.

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Fernandez, Maurice. Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness. Florida: Evolutionary Astrology, Inc., 2009.

Richelle Steyn certified as an Evolutionary Astrologer through The Comprehensive Diploma Course (Maurice Fernandez).

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