12 Steps to Mastery is an immersive, creative experience using a new approach of learning - the tools of Evolutionary Astrology and the Lunar Nodal axis in our birth charts. This experience is for anyone who wants more out of life, is on a personal transformation journey, or has been through a life changing experience like a divorce, illness, a death of a loved one, recovering from addiction/substance abuse, retrenchment, menopause, the birth of a child, or any other life event that has initiated a process of questioning and redefining who we are, who we are being in the world and what we want out of it.

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An Astrology Consultation is a great way to get deeper self-insight and/or guidance on a specific concern or challenge in your life (family, relationship, work, money etc.). We can explore any question(s) you may have like "Why am I suddenly battling in my relationship?" or "When is the best time to make a major life change?" etc. We’ll address your deeper existential questions as well as your everyday practical concerns. Using your birth chart and other relevant astrology charts, I’ll provide perspective, self-insight, clarity and direction to help you make the best decisions to better navigate your life. 


12 Steps to Mastery (13 Week Online Experience)

12 Steps to Mastery is a remarkable journey of self-discovery that has allowed me to move into a deeper connection with who I really am. It has enabled me to tell my life’s story in an authentic and unique way. I exercised “muscles” I never thought I had, using my active imagination to shift my awareness and explored depths I could never have imagined. This is a beautiful empowering process. I can see where I am in my life and the direction I need to go in order to achieve my soul’s purpose.


Having no previous experience in astrology, I appreciated the accessible way in which the course was structured as well as Richelle’s ability to teach complex ideas in a way I could understand and relate to. What was invaluable for me was the practical application with Richelle sharing processes from her own life allowing me to find meaning in the symbolism and integrating it into my personal experience.


When I started the course I feared exploring my emotions. Now I have the tools and the confidence to continue this process on my own, excited to see where it will lead me.” 


—  Arlene, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Quindalup, Western Australia


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