8-9.30pm SAST 1st Thursday of the Month - Next 1st October 2020

"The Mars retrograde in Aries in the 2nd half of the year could be seen as the catalyst, a trigger, "assertively pushing into action what is already in the wings" (Tarnass, 2020).

Join in on the dialogue about the Mars "Long Stay" retrograde transit in Aries. We're going to be learning about Astrology (and the South African chart) by seeing how the real-life events of the month (local and international) are mirrored in the astrology charts. Astrology is a tool for sense and meaning-making, so we're also curious as to Why - why are we experiencing what we are experiencing in 2020?

The dialogues use and make reference to the content in the BLOG posts Mars Retrograde in Aries - Part 1, Mars Retrograde in Aries - Part 2​ and Marikana Massacre and Memorial

Register once in advance to attend the Mars 2020 first Thursday series of Zoom sessions. After registering you will receive a confirmation email with your personal link to join the session. SAST is South African Standard Time so check the time in your time zone.