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The diagram below is called a Birth (or Natal) astrology chart. It is a symbolic map of our psyche (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body). Astrologers generate the birth chart using our birth date, place and time. If you do not have a birth time ​we generate the birth chart (usually) using a midday birth time. In doing this, we lose one dimension of information available to us with a birth time. The birth chart can be seen as our 'cosmic blueprint' of archetypal energies potentially (fate/free-will) unfolding in our lifetime. Using an analogy of a Ship on the Ocean - the Birth Chart is The Ship. It symbolically communicates what we are made of, our capacities, strengths and weakness etc based on our cosmic blueprint.


The diagram below is called a Transit chart. It is a symbolic map of what is happening in the skies around us at a specific time and place. A basic assumption in Astrology is the maxim "as above, so below". It means that what happens in the skies 'above' us (solar system bodies and beyond) symbolically mirrors what happens on earth, collectively (generational, social etc.) and personally (psyche, relationships etc). We use the Transit chart to symbolically understand the energies at play at any given time and place (location). Note we speak of a "mirror" not "cause" i.e. the solar system bodies do not cause these archetypal energies - they mirror them symbolically. Continuing the analogy of the Ship on the Ocean - the Transit Chart is the ocean. It symbolically communicates what the ocean is doing (rough, calm etc). 

Transit Free Elections.jpg

Astrologers first task is to understand the Ship (Birth Chart). We look at the Ocean (Transits) and then we look at the Ship on the Ocean. The diagram below shows The Ship on The Ocean i.e. Kevin Carter's Birth Chart at the time of the Free Elections in South Africa. We get a lot of insight about "why" for example we got divorced at a specific time in our life - based on the interplay between the Birth Chart and the Transits. The Transit (alone) may have specific themes, but the way these themes play out in our life, depends on who we are and what we are made of (Birth Chart). This is what we explore in our Astrology Consultations and Readings.

Kevin Carter at the time of the Free Ele

There are a range of different astrology charts (e.g. secondary progressions, solar arcs etc) that can be used in a FULL (60 min] Consultation/Reading.


Relationship synastry is the comparison of two people's Birth Charts and gives deeper insight into relationship character and dynamics. A relationship synastry reading is a wonderful way to understand what we need to shift in our self and relationship in order to make our relationships work.