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Our birth chart is an archetypal map of our psyche (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). It is a tool for raising consciousness and a guide to help us connect with our essential nature and deeper wisdom. Our birth charts and the many features therein like the Lunar Nodal Axis, provides insight into not only the strategies and habitual patterns we use to navigate life but also their deeper evolutionary intention and imperatives. Evolutionary Astrology not only describes our archetypal patterns but also offers an explanation for why – i.e. the evolutionary intention behind the pattern/strategy.

The diagram below is called a Birth (or Natal) astrology chart. It is a symbolic map of our psyche (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body). Astrologers generate the birth chart using our birth date, place and time. If you do not have a birth time ​we generate the birth chart (usually) using a midday birth time. In doing this, we lose one dimension of information available to us with a birth time. The birth chart can be seen as our 'cosmic blueprint' of archetypal energies potentially (fate/free-will) unfolding in our lifetime. Using an analogy of a Ship on the Ocean - the Birth Chart is The Ship. It symbolically communicates what we are made of, our capacities, strengths and weakness etc based on our cosmic blueprint.




20 minute (flash reading), 60 minute and 90 minute (Relationship Synastry) Consultations available. All Consultations are recorded and available for download after the session. Online Consultations only.

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If you're going through a difficult stage in your life, the packaged consultations provide accessible support. 3 Sessions over 3 Months or 6 Sessions over 6 Months 60 minute consultations available. Not transferable. All Consultations are recorded and available for download after the session. Online Consultations only. An alternative option to consider during times of crises is the thirteen week 12 Steps to Mastery course.