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12 Steps to Mastery

Integrating, embodying, empowering & healing the emotional body

using the tools of Evolutionary Astrology

An immersive, experiential exploration of consciousness using the tools of Evolutionary Astrology. The lunar nodal axis - a specific feature in all our birth charts - dominates our consciousness and provides deep insight into the character and dynamics of our emotional body and therefore our conscious and unconscious narratives, imprints, beliefs, choices, patterns and behaviour. Understanding this specific feature and how to achieve mastery of it, provides valuable insight and guidance on living our life in an integrated, embodied and empowered way.

Learning how to achieve mastery of the lunar nodal axis in our birth charts has been structured into a 12 Step process. Each Step has a learning dimension related to Evolutionary Astrology and the Lunar Nodal Axis, a practical application dimension integrating the knowledge symbolically interpreting our own birth charts, as well as a writing dimension reifying and externalising in order to create, refine and reframe our narratives and stories.


The 12 Step process is a combination treasure hunt and archaeological dig. Each Step engages and challenges our creativity and imagination for an immersive, deep dive into our lived and felt experience.

"Liberate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds". Bob Marley

Our birth charts are as unique as our fingerprints, as is our level of consciousness and readiness for change. We are our own best self-healing super-power (Thomas Hubl). Wounds and false beliefs keep us in self-defeating patterns of behaviour. Self-insight and management of our triggers liberates us from a fated outcome. Trauma splits our psyche robbing us of pleasure and integration empowers us to realise "I am another you". Powerful minds enable us to get perspective but can also separate us from an emotionally integrated perspective, alienating ourselves and others. We can chronically choose comfort over change and end up stagnating and unhappy despite having it all. Choosing what to keep and what to let go of, creates space for change and growth in our lives.

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The acknowledgment of "what is" is the beginning of love. Thomas Hubl


Richelle Steyn has recently launched the e-learning portal called Jupiter Trine (jupitertrine.co.za). Her first online course 12 Steps to Mastery is focused on activating our self-healing capacity to integrate, embody, empower and heal our own emotional bodies. She has a post graduate degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Community Psychological Practice, both from the University of Johannesburg.


Richelle is a certified Evolutionary Astrologer practicing locally and globally using the philosophy of Evolutionary Astrology together with other modalities for self-insight, empowerment and transformation. In 2013/4 she created and ran a 2 day personal empowerment experience for women called Journey into the Underground Forest. Her latest 12 Steps to Mastery course is another immersive, experiential, deep dive into our inner world, this time using astrology and our birth charts as symbolic guides.


Richelle is as passionate about nature and mother earth as she is about humanity. Her Lower Silvermine River walk opens a conversation about our complex cohabitation relationship with nature and the wild. Richelle volunteers locally during the breeding cycles of the endangered Western Leopard Toad to help communicate and support this complex, vulnerable relationship.

Photography by Derek Hudson

The Jupiter Trine e-Learning portal

  • Website containing course content primarily audibles, supporting illustrations and text.

  • Easy-to-navigate menu structure.

  • Simple point and click-scroll usability.

  • Detailed guidelines for how to generate and upload your birth chart are provided.

  • A Mobile app is available for selected mobile devices.

  • You will need a stable internet connection.

  • You will need basic computer literacy.

  • The capture of your birth details in your profile is mandatory.

The 12 Steps to Mastery course content is available on the jupitertrine.co.za e-learning portal (website). Once you've booked your place on the course, you'll be registered on Jupiter Trine and enrolled as a course attendee. You will then receive an email with a link to access the portal and course.


The 12 Steps drive the 12 week course. We'll cover one Step a week, giving you time to process, digest and assimilate the course material and personal insights. I model each Step using my own birth chart. At the end of the Step, we'll meet online in our weekly group meeting (Zoom) to explore questions related to the Step, share insights and build a conscious, supportive, healing "we-space". Weekly group meeting (Zoom) dates and times for the 12 weeks will be published once bookings close. All weekly Zoom meetings are recorded and available to view for a week if you cannot attend the group meeting live.


The Group Discussion Forum on the portal is available for questions and support between weekly group meetings.

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This course is perfect for you ..

  • If you are interested in slowing things down and using your own birth chart as a guide to go deep into your felt-sense of life experience with the intention of integrating, embodying, empowering and healing your emotional body.

  • If you're a professional astrologer needing to take time-out and immerse yourself in your own birth chart and emotional process.

  • If you're curious about astrology and ready for a paradigm shift, a new language and steep learning curve.

  • If you're interested in learning about the philosophy of Evolutionary Astrology (basic level).

  • If you're an astrologer or astrology enthusiast and interested in using the lunar nodal axis in chart analysis (basic level).

  • If you're a corporate professional in existential crises looking for some meaning and nourishment in life.

  • If you're a writer looking for ways to kick-start your creativity and imagination to overcome your writer's block.

  • If you're a human being (the 12 Steps are a Voight-Kampff).

Getting to know ourselves and seeing what we're hiding from is really the beginning of change. Bessel van der Kolk

Booking Details

26 November 2019 to 25 February 2020

  • Access to the 12 Steps to Mastery 12 week course on the Jupiter Trine e-learning portal

  • Twelve 1 hour weekly group online meetings (Zoom) hosted by Richelle Steyn

Special Introductory Offer


Early Bird Price R3920.00 if booked before midnight 16th November 2019 SAST

Photography by Derek Hudson

The only way to be yourself, is to know yourself. Bessel van der Kolk


Journey into the Underground Forest

Photography by Derek Hudson